How long have you been in business?

Oakwood Bespoke has been trading since 2002 from our only showroom on the high street of Camberley, Surrey. Owned by Dave Hewitt, former MD to County Kitchens and past Chairman to industry experts KBSA, the company has grown in reputation and size to get the most out of our single showroom supporting our customers and recommended tradesmen fully, without the need to expand to operate call centres or departmentalised services.

Where do your goods come from and are they guaranteed?

The short answer is from all over the UK and the world. We use top quality UK based suppliers and certainly prefer to deal direct with the manufacturers where possible. All our furniture for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Home Offices is not just assembled, but actually manufactured here in the UK; as close as Waltham Cross just north of Enfield, London. Some products are manufactured abroad but as we have very carefully chosen the companies that we want to deal with; you can be assured that the goods we recommend, and sell are to the best possible quality with supportive product guarantees too, which can be 12 months to Lifetime. Our recommended installers are happy to give a 1 year Labour Guarantee to support the Installation.

How much does it cost?

We recognise that every customer has different needs and tastes, therefore every project has different requirements; and as such no two projects and their costs are the same. We prioritise design, product quality and value for money over budget, as why spend any amount of money if you are not going to get what you want. Budget is important though and certainly not to be dismissed easily, as without a budget we won’t know whether to talk to you about our entry level, mid or upper tiered products.

How long does installation take?

Installation should never be rushed and will take as long as is necessary to deliver a high-quality finish that we are proud of and that you have a right to expect. To offer some general advice though average Kitchens tend to take 2-4 weeks depending on certain factors included within the design and specification. A respectable sized bathroom can take 2-3 weeks as they are very multi trade orientated and unlike other rooms must accommodate drying times for plastering, tile adhesive/grout etc. Most bedrooms and home offices are very carpentry focused and therefore are normally completed within 2-5 days.

Do you have your own fitters?

We sub-contract our work out to a very select group of highly experienced Installers who have continually delivered the standards we want for our projects and so you, as we do at Oakwood Bespoke, can have the upmost confidence that there is a customer friendly, trustworthy Installer in your home making the most out of your new room.

When can you start?

We pre-book in advance our Recommended Installers so we always have first refusal on their time when it comes to booking your installation date, and as such can normally offer a 4-6 week lead time from when you place your deposit with us. This can vary slightly though depending on the time of the year and the goods you have chosen.

Can you send me all the details and plans?

Yes, we can. For a small Design Fee of £240 Inc VAT we can post or email you a fully itemised quotation for goods and estimate for labor, along with the dimensioned plans, elevations and photorealistic 3D CAD drawings. This fee is applicable to release the plans and drawings prior to placing an order. We would then offset this Design Fee against your order deposit should you decide to order with us. We prefer though and would highly recommend that you take us up on our offer of an excellent and informative presentation of the Quotation and design etc to you personally in the showroom. Making use of the displays and samples we have will give you a true insight into your new room and how the designer put it all together just for you.

Can I see any of your previous work?

We have many very happy customers who have very kindly offered their home to us should we need to call on them to show prospective new customers the high standards of our work. So should you wish to see more beyond our well-presented showroom, we are very happy to call on some of our previous customers who will be delighted to show off their Oakwood Bespoke kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home office.

If your questions have not been answered then please call or visit the showroom to talk with our helpful and experienced designers.

For a free quote, call 01276 708630, or email us now.

A very pleasurable experience from start to finish; the reliability and the workmanship has been second-to-none, as has the service provided by every member of staff involved. I am absolutely over the moon with the finished product.


Frimley, Surrey

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