At Oakwood Bespoke, we take great pride in meticulously tailoring our beautiful designs to perfectly suit our Surrey clients. From taking the time to get to know you and your needs to finessing every detail, designing and supplying bespoke kitchens is what we do best. The kitchen is a place to express your individual taste and style as much as any other room in your home, and when it comes to setting just the right tone, choosing a colour scheme is a great place to start.

However, at Oakwood Bespoke, we appreciate that when you choose to redesign your kitchen, you will want to create a space that doesn’t just look great now, but that lasts for years to come. We’ve put together this handy guide to give you some inspiration on how to choose an inspiring colour palette that stands the test of time while beautifully complementing your Surrey home.


Modern & Monochrome.

When it comes to creating a bright and fresh modern interior that retains its stylish atmosphere for years to come, a clean white palette makes a brilliant choice. Keeping your colour scheme simple and fresh allows the quality of your design and its beautiful intricacies to speak for themselves. Pairing a crisp white tint with a striking gloss finish will immediately make your kitchen feel spacious, open and distinctively contemporary. White kitchens never fail to maintain their clean modern appearance regardless of their age and are ideal for those who love a sleek paired back aesthetic.

contemporary white kitchen surrey

Calming Layered Neutrals.

If you can’t help but admire the clean and minimal finish offered by a modern kitchen design but you prefer to create a more subtle and inviting ambience, consider opting for a neutral layered palette. Pairing a combination of soft greiges, dusky pinks or olive greens will help to balance the striking lines of a modern kitchen while adding depth and warmth to the space. This bright yet understated colour scheme establishes a sense of character without hindering the paired back design. In addition to this, introducing light wood accents to your contemporary kitchen will also help to create a welcoming and timeless feel.  

kitchen with woodgrain finish

Classic Country Style Cream. 

Cream is sometimes unfairly associated with dated interior design trends, however, when introduced into a space bursting with natural light and luxurious quality characterful details, a gentle cream colour palette creates wonderful charm and appeal. The warm hue works beautifully with traditionally styled cabinetry, establishing a mood reminiscent of an elegant country home. Having dominated interior trends for years, a luxurious cream colour scheme done right will bring a new and enduring lease of life to a classic kitchen.

Flute Ivory

Timeless & Elegant Grey.

A grey colour palette creates an effortlessly sophisticated kitchen interior. Something about this cool and tasteful shade just seems to radiate elegance and luxury. At Oakwood Bespoke, we love the refined classic finish it brings to our traditional shaker designs; however, a soft graceful grey hue also looks stunning in a more modern space. Grey is a wonderfully versatile colour and can be delightfully tailored to your personal style with a choice of bespoke finishing touches, from quirky pendant lights to gleaming marble worktops.  


Flute Ivory

Sophisticated Anthractite.

While a delicate light grey colour scheme creates a subtle luxurious tone, a darker shade makes a contrastingly bold statement. A deep matt anthracite grey brings a dramatic contemporary edge to a modern design. Though this striking colour choice has relatively recently gained popularity amongst the design-conscious, we expect it to feature in the most stylish contemporary home interiors for years to come.  


luxury black kitchen surrey

Tasteful & Understated Two-Tone.

A two-tone design provides amazing potential to enhance and add interest to your kitchen without overwhelming the space. Dark navy blue colour schemes have been incredibly popular with our clients in recent years but making such a strong design statement isn’t for everyone. Positioning a darker colour below the eye-line allows you to add character and depth to your kitchen whilst maintaining a bright and welcoming ambience. The kitchen island is a great place to introduce your chosen accent colour, differentiating it from your primary colour choice will create a timeless design feature.



Flute Ivory

A Pop of Your Favourite Hue.

Creating a timeless colour scheme that you’ll love for years to come doesn’t mean you have to play it safe. Adding a bold pop of your favourite colour to your kitchen will infuse your space with energy and vitality, making it a delight for you and your guests to enjoy. To ensure your accent colour doesn’t dominate your kitchen, consider taking a similar approach to the aforementioned two-tone colour scheme or simply introduce a pop of vibrancy to your splashbacks or accessories.  



traditional kitchen design surrey

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