One of the number one things to consider when redesigning your Surrey fitted kitchen is storage. Including enough storage in your design is essential, not only to ensure your kitchen is practical to use but also to establish a stylish, clutter-free and inviting interior. It’s not every day you choose to invest in a new kitchen, and you will undoubtedly want your new space to stand the test of time. Introducing more storage than you currently need is a great way to future proof your design should your family or your collection of cookware grow.

However, when it comes to designing a practical and stylish Surrey fitted kitchen, it’s not just quantity that counts. At Oakwood Bespoke, our expert team can help you choose the perfect combination of storage features to complement your kitchen layout, your lifestyle and your individual design. To help you get to grips with the types of storage you might want to consider when designing your kitchen, we’ve put together this handy blog.  


Efficient Kitchen Drawers

Drawers have become an increasingly popular addition to the modern kitchen and it’s not hard to see why. With new larger sizes, drawers can be used for storing everything and anything, from pots and pans and crockery to spices and utensils. Never again will you have to battle through of a sea of jars and spices to find what you’re looking for. Unlike kitchen cupboards, drawers give you easy access right to the back of your kitchen unit, resulting in a much more efficient and practical storage solution. Drawers can look visually appealing in both contemporary and traditional style interiors and no doubt they’ll prove a valuable addition to your new Surrey fitted kitchen design.

Woodgrain Sand Oak Kitchen

Spacious Pantry Cupboards

If you’ve got a little more room to play with in your Surrey kitchen, then make sure you consider including a pantry or larder-style cupboard in your design. Available with one or two doors and even encompassing slimline pull-out models, a full-height unit presents an impressive amount of storage capacity. Pantry or larder-style cupboards make full use of the space between your base and overhead cabinets, and while this does reduce your worktop area, you will gain fantastic practical storage. With the potential to add internal drawers and spice racks, pantry cupboards can provide a convenient one-stop shop for all your cooking ingredients. Alternatively, slimline models are a great solution to maximise storage in a compact kitchen, giving you brilliant access to the back of the unit, ideal for storing bottles and tall jars.

Shaker Oak Kitchen

Stylish Open Shelving

To really maximise the versatility of your space, your Surrey fitted kitchen should bring both function and looks into seamless harmony. While they might provide good storage, swathes of uninterrupted overhead cupboards can, at best look a little uninspiring, and at worst feel claustrophobic and overwhelming. Adding subtle features such as open shelving to break up your design will bring a stylish bespoke edge to your interior. Whether designed as a sleek niche or more traditional shelves, open shelving looks fantastic in both classic and contemporary settings. Displaying your favourite crockery, ornaments or potted herbs will add a wonderful touch of personality and character to your design.

Glossy Modern Kitchen

Classically Inspired Plate Racks

Just like open shelves, traditional plate racks are a great way to introduce classic charm and character to your Surrey fitted kitchen whilst providing excellent practical storage. At Oakwood Bespoke, our shaker kitchens offer amazing design flexibility, adding a country kitchen style plate rack can either bring a vintage touch to a contemporary shaker design or can create an authentic feature in keeping with a beautiful traditional interior.


Kitchen with oakwood flooring

Glass-Fronted Cupboards

If you prefer the more traditional look that overhead cabinets can bring to a design, then including some cleverly placed glass-fronted doors alongside your classic cupboards is a great opportunity to add a luxurious finishing touch. Introducing internal lighting to your glass cabinets will beautifully accentuate their elegant style.

blue kitchen surrey


Hooks To Hang Utensils

While you might prefer to hide your kitchen implements out of sight, it has to be said that using a drawer to store utensils does leave something to be desired. Organising utensils on a stylish vintage hanging rack not only frees up drawer space but can also make an attractive design feature.



Traditional Kitchen with Pink Finish


Redesigning your Surrey fitted kitchen is an exciting opportunity to maximise your space with a beautiful and practical design that you’ll love for years to come. If you’d like to find out more about selecting the best storage for your design or to discuss your upcoming project further, you can get in touch with our expert team by calling 01276 708630 or emailing



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