Bathrooms are the perfect space for you to take a little time out for yourself to unwind and let the day’s worries soak away. They are a personal space, and while they should be designed with relaxation and practicality in mind, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a stylish and creative interior that you’ll love spending time in. At Oakwood Bespoke, we’re experts in designing and installing gorgeous bathrooms that are individually tailored to our clients and their Surrey homes. We love nothing more than inspiring our customers to introduce some stylish features into their bathroom to help make the space really their own. To give you some fantastic ideas on what to include in your new design, we’ve put together this handy guide.


A Dark & Dramatic Colour Scheme


Often when we think of bathroom design, white, blue and beige colour schemes are what first come to mind. However, enveloping the room in a moody and dramatic colour palette can create an equally inviting and even more sultry and stylish atmosphere. Monochrome colour schemes are a popular choice with our Surrey clients, but instead of opting for a bright flush of white, set a chic and luxurious mood with dark anthracite grey or a soft matt black. White bathroom furniture, different textural finishes and wood accents will help to lift the space. Introduce attractive glowing focal points of light around the room to establish a wonderful relaxing ambience and ensure the design doesn’t look dull.  

A Bold Feature Wall


If you love the idea of adding a touch of drama to your space but the prospect of having colour on every wall seems overwhelming, consider including a feature wall. A bold feature wall offers a wonderful opportunity to inject your personality into the design. Select a patterned tile, a wallpaper or a colour you love and use it to accent a single carefully chosen wall. The wall you choose to introduce your accent colour or pattern onto will significantly impact the overall design. A bold or bright colour will draw attention and so you may want to avoid emphasising certain features. Consider positioning the feature wall behind your sink to highlight an attractive vanity or behind the bath or shower to draw your eye through the room.

Colourful Vanity


Another subtle technique to add a pop of colour and flair to your bathroom is to include a stylish vanity. Introducing an accent colour to your sink unit that contrasts with the rest of your scheme will create interest and character. Alternatively, opting for a colour that tones in with the rest of your interior will establish a cohesive and considered feel. The forest green washstand below ties in with the pale celadon tiles behind it to create an elegant yet striking effect. Choosing a quirky and stylish vanity to complement your bathroom will effortlessly elevate your design.

Pink and Green Bathroom

Gold Fittings


Contemporary brushed gold fittings are a fantastic way to introduce a touch of modern luxury into your design. They are remarkably versatile and complement a range of bathroom styles from the most modern and colourful to the more traditional and understated. With sleek minimal forms and a gorgeously stylish finish, gold bathroom accessories bring a real on-trend flair to your space.


Classic Bathroom

Vintage Details


At the other end of the scale are the more traditional vintage styled accessories. If your tastes are for a classically inspired interior, then including antique fixtures and fittings will beautifully bring a plush Victorian edge to your design. Pair a vintage washstand and traditional Victorian radiator with metro wall tiles and an understated colour scheme to complete the quirky and elegant classic look.


fitted bathroom surrey

Clever Storage


When it comes to creating a stylish and relaxing bathroom, nothing is more important than having enough storage for all your toiletries and cosmetics. A cluttered bathroom certainly isn’t conducive to calm. Selecting a vanity with storage drawers is often the most subtle space-saving option. Drawers are more convenient to use than cupboards and will make keeping your bathroom neat and tidy much more manageable.


fitted bathroom surrey


At Oakwood Bespoke, we’re specialists in creating luxurious bathrooms that are beautiful, practical and long-lasting. If you’d like to find out how we can help you include any of these fantastic tips in your new space, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team by calling 01276 708630 or emailing


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